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Bikes Without Borders is a Toronto-based charitable organization that uses bikes as a tool for development and social change, addressing issues of poverty, education and healthcare. Together we can change the world, one bike at a time... VISIT US
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travel to the galaxy



travel to the galaxy



Great video from the Center for Strategic and International Studies: President Joyce Banda on Women’s Health and Empowerment in Malawi

#TGIF Fantastic woman, an inspiration to all.

All the human and animal manure which the world wastes, if returned to the land, instead of being thrown into the sea, would suffice to nourish the world.― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables
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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year from all of us at Bikes Without Borders!

The year 2012 had its ups and downs, but we are truly grateful for all the goodness and warmth that we receive from our friends and well-wishers. We are thankful to each and every one of you for always believing in our cause. 

Here’s to an even better 2013! Together we can change the world, one bike at a time.

Message from Executive Director Tanya Smith:

There are many very worthy organizations that must take important time to be come a charity, or work tirelessly to advocate for better things in our world, and therefore are not eligible for charitable status. Thank you to all that supported us as we worked to get to this point. Please take the time to consider those causes that are working toward great things with or without their status. If it wasn’t for your support during our first few years we would never have reached this important position. I can’t thank you enough for having faith, time and willingness to go without a taxable receipt to help what we do. It warms my heart to consider this, and I am so happy to be able to now issue a receipt to you when you donate. Thank you, thank you. 

As I write this letter, we are planning an expansion strategy to help get bicycles to people around the world who need them. We are working hard to continue our work in Africa. We are opening our first University Chapters, designing our new website, and launching innovative local and international pilot projects and partnerships. All of this is happening right now because of you.

Tanya Smith
Executive Director
Bikes Without Borders


Cyclist and bike parts by Dominic Trevett


A boat for hire at Malawi’s Cape MacLear. (All rights reserved by Matthew Williger)


Art made from old bikes in Amsterdam


At Cape Maclear, the beach is far from a tourist spot. Though many backbackers and travellers are drawn to this location for its utopian setting and idyllic beach, it remains a place where the locals number far more than outsiders.

In the mornings, I was usually woken by the sounds from the beach; not just the sound of the surf, but the sound of families, washing and bathing, laughing and shouting, relaxing and working.

This boy approached me when I was reading my book and asked me to take his photograph. Soon enough, his friends turned up and wanted their photos taken too. They showed great character, and all loved to pose for the camera.

Something that always made me smile in Africa was the look on someone’s face when, after taking their photograph, I would show them the shot on the screen. Something they are used to is having their photograph taken and never getting to see it; so many times are they captured on film or digital, yet hardly ever do they get a chance to see themselves as we see them.

Cape Maclear, August, 2012.


One misty morning