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Bikes Without Borders is a Toronto-based charitable organization that uses bikes as a tool for development and social change, addressing issues of poverty, education and healthcare. Together we can change the world, one bike at a time... VISIT US
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Beautiful Zomba 

Beautiful Zomba 

A community distribution ceremony is always a joyous occasion, filled with laughter, dancing, songs and stories. Elders, community health workers, volunteers and community members all gather to welcome the new bikes into their lives.

Contracts were signed at the end of the distribution ceremonies in different areas. All the Community Health Volunteers agreed to use the bike for their work and not personal use. Community Health Volunteers rotate the bike amongst the other volunteers in their community-based organization on an agreed upon schedule. Logbooks are used to record the usage. The chairperson of the community based organization is responsible for the safe keeping of the bike and CareCar when it is not in use.

One of the many gorgeous views of Zomba District, Malawi.