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Bikes Without Borders is a Toronto-based charitable organization that uses bikes as a tool for development and social change, addressing issues of poverty, education and healthcare. Together we can change the world, one bike at a time... VISIT US
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Art made from old bikes in Amsterdam


On September 22nd, more than 200 cyclists dressed in tweed took to the streets on two wheels to raise money as part of Tweed Ride Toronto. This stylish group ride, dinner and a swinging after party helped raise more than $20,000 for Bikes Without Borders. Several members from Team ING DIRECT participated in the event and shared a little #OrangeScarf love with other riders and faux teetotalers. Thanks to Morgan Y. and Anthony A. from A&M Productions for the photos.

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085 by Georgie_grrl on Flickr.


Priests of Pallas Parade Float. Men holding bicycle contraption bearing float in shape of oversized butterfly,” 1900.

Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, Missouri, 10005619

Riding a bike provides a fairly fast and dependable mode of transportation that just happens to require no gas. By biking instead of using motor vehicles whenever possible, you’ll be simultaneously saving money, getting fit and helping to reduce global warming. Plus, you’ll set a positive example for others. 

Building bike paths creates twice as many jobs as fixing old roads.

Thomas and Alex are two friends from Lethbridge, Alberta who have travelled together to places such as Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin, and even Fort Macleod. They enjoy tasteful music, guitar playing, cycling, and a good home-cooked breakfast. Thomas holds a degree in Environmental Science, and is currently working on his MSc in Geography at McGill University. Alex holds a degree in Political Science and is currently considering law school.

When Thomas and Alex decided to move to Montreal they thought, “why not cycle?”
When they decided to ride bikes, they thought “why not raise some money for a good cause?” They chose Bikes Without Borders because it is a Canadian non-profit that aims to address issues of  both social and environmental justice by implementing simple, yet progressive ideas.
Their goal is to bike approximately, 2500 km to Montreal. Please donate and help them reach their goal!
Happy trails, guys!

They are hoping to raise $5,000 by 09/01/12. So far they have raised $70.

Please help them reach their goal by contributing to this very worthy cause. Even $10 can go a long way. Here are some suggested donation amounts:
  • $150 buys a new bike for a Community Health Worker in Malawi
  • $450 buys a new CareCar bike ambulance (wheeled stretcher that attaches to a bike) for a Community Health Organization
  • $50 buys a set of replacement tires for a Community Health Worker.


Bicycles can do a lot in Uganda #kampala #uganda #bicycle #africa #travel (Taken with Instagram)

Tweed Ride Toronto: “Hers” Version


Tweed Rides are a worldwide phenomenon - a metropolitan ride with style!

It’s a celebration of old-fashioned style, cycling, and good times. It’s a group bicycle ride through downtown Toronto, in which the cyclists are encouraged to dress in classic tweed or a smart looking outfit. Any effort made to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is appreciated, and any and all bicycles are acceptable.

Similar rides have taken place in locations such as New York, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo. This past year London registration sold out in seven minutes with more than 500 participants and celebrities such as Ewan McGregor taking part. Best of all it’s a fundraiser for Bikes Without Borders, with some incredible fundraising incentives including Bobbin Bikes worth $650!

More information at

Register now and guarantee your spot!

Also, don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook! We’ll be sure to keep you updated 

#TGIF! “Couldn’t we ride, side by side” ♫