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Bikes Without Borders is a Toronto-based charitable organization that uses bikes as a tool for development and social change, addressing issues of poverty, education and healthcare. Together we can change the world, one bike at a time... VISIT US
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Thomas and Alex are two friends from Lethbridge, Alberta who have travelled together to places such as Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin, and even Fort Macleod. They enjoy tasteful music, guitar playing, cycling, and a good home-cooked breakfast. Thomas holds a degree in Environmental Science, and is currently working on his MSc in Geography at McGill University. Alex holds a degree in Political Science and is currently considering law school.

When Thomas and Alex decided to move to Montreal they thought, “why not cycle?”
When they decided to ride bikes, they thought “why not raise some money for a good cause?” They chose Bikes Without Borders because it is a Canadian non-profit that aims to address issues of  both social and environmental justice by implementing simple, yet progressive ideas.
Their goal is to bike approximately, 2500 km to Montreal. Please donate and help them reach their goal!
Happy trails, guys!

They are hoping to raise $5,000 by 09/01/12. So far they have raised $70.

Please help them reach their goal by contributing to this very worthy cause. Even $10 can go a long way. Here are some suggested donation amounts:
  • $150 buys a new bike for a Community Health Worker in Malawi
  • $450 buys a new CareCar bike ambulance (wheeled stretcher that attaches to a bike) for a Community Health Organization
  • $50 buys a set of replacement tires for a Community Health Worker.

BWB is looking for canvassers! Come join our new team & be a part of a meaningful (and fun) cause! :)


Help Bikes Without Borders get MALAWI PROJECT: PHASE TWO rolling!

Bikes Without Borders is gearing up for Phase Two of our Malawi Project.  Upcoming renovations to our website,, and a campaign video are underway…  AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Every donation, no matter how small, will propel measurable, sustainable change! Together we can make an enormous difference!

Malawi Project: Phase One: Most recently, we distributed 40 new bikes and 20 bicycle ambulances to community health organizations in Zomba District, Malawi.  Phase One continues to have measurable and lasting positive impact on this community, where 
- Community Health Workers visit 13% more patients, spend 46% less time travelling with a bike 
- Farmers’ incomes rose 44% with access to a bicycle and 
- mothers are 3 times more likely to give birth in a Health Centre if they have access to a bicycle ambulance.

Help us keep the momentum rolling…

In Phase Two of the Malawi Project, we intend to distribute 100 more bikes and 20 more bicycle ambulances, as well as training programmes for Community Health Workers.  

Imagine the very real, transformative affect this will have on Zomba District!
We can only achieve this goal with your generous support.  Your donation will go towards a short campaign video and enhancements to our website,  These projects are absolutely vital to spreading the word about Phase Two and necessary to securing the financial and institutional support we need for its completion.  

Visit: for more information.

We at Bikes Without Borders have a trusted partnership with 

If you could donate a percentage of every online purchase you make to your favorite nonprofit, school, or association, would you do it?

Of course you would, and lets you do that. Just visit the Online Mall, use a coupon or a link to a merchant’s site, and shop on their site as you normally would — a percentage is automatically donated to Bikes Without Borders. Better yet, install the We-Care Reminder for Internet Explorer or Firefox. With the Reminder, your donations will count (even if you forget to visit the Online Mall). | Learn more about the Reminder

Your purchase through this site helps us use bikes as tools for development in marginalized communities. We serve marginalized communities in both the developing and developed worlds where bikes and bike-related solutions can have a significant, positive impact on community development. Communities such as rural farmers in impoverished communities in South America, marginalized youth in North America, and communities in Africa with high incidences of HIV/AIDS.

We believe in the bicycle as a means of increasing access to vital health services, economic prosperity, educational empowerment and independence.

Around the world, one woman dies every minute during childbirth, yet almost all of these deaths are preventable.  Malawi has one of the highest maternal death rates in the world.

In 2001, the UN set a goal to decrease maternal mortality by 75% by 2015, but it is nowhere near meeting that target.

Our Phase 2 in Malawi, will support Community Healthcare Volunteer Workers delivering vital health services. We will have an increased focus to address issues of maternal health, providing them with new bikes and providing community health organizations with bike ambulances (which CHWs can sign out and use as needed). 

In a country where a staggering number of women die in child birth, the BBC’s Karen Allen discovers one Malawian village where a novel solution – a bicycle ambulance – has apparently helped to wipe out the problem.” – BBC news

Information session for expecting mothers

How you can be part of the solution: 
1. Spread the word - tell your friends about the issues and the project so that there is more awareness in different communities and professional fields.
2. Brainstorm ideas - discuss possible solutions and share your ideas with friends, family & coworkers. Sharing knowledge helps start meaningful discussions in the community
3. Volunteer and attend BWB events - to be a part of something meaningful and meet like-minded people from different fields. Every volunteer makes a huge difference.
4. Donate, because funds are always needed - a replacement set of tires for a Community Health Worker in Malawi costs $50, a new bike for a CHW is $150, and a bike ambulance (wheeled stretcher that attaches to a bike) for a community in Malawi is $450

To know more about the Pedal Powered Hope Project visit

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