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On September 22nd, more than 200 cyclists dressed in tweed took to the streets on two wheels to raise money as part of Tweed Ride Toronto. This stylish group ride, dinner and a swinging after party helped raise more than $20,000 for Bikes Without Borders. Several members from Team ING DIRECT participated in the event and shared a little #OrangeScarf love with other riders and faux teetotalers. Thanks to Morgan Y. and Anthony A. from A&M Productions for the photos.

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085 by Georgie_grrl on Flickr.

Get 25. Give 25.

Tweed Ride Toronto: “Hers” Version


Tweed Rides are a worldwide phenomenon - a metropolitan ride with style!

It’s a celebration of old-fashioned style, cycling, and good times. It’s a group bicycle ride through downtown Toronto, in which the cyclists are encouraged to dress in classic tweed or a smart looking outfit. Any effort made to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is appreciated, and any and all bicycles are acceptable.

Similar rides have taken place in locations such as New York, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo. This past year London registration sold out in seven minutes with more than 500 participants and celebrities such as Ewan McGregor taking part. Best of all it’s a fundraiser for Bikes Without Borders, with some incredible fundraising incentives including Bobbin Bikes worth $650!

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We had the immense pleasure of shooting BBC Sport Personality of the Year - and recently new father - Mark Cavendish, MBE for Podium Magazine.

You can read his interview with Podium Magazine here, as well as seeing images from the shoot on


I somehow missed this event last year, but I don’t know how since it’s ride up my alley (get it, ride). This charity fundraiser has cyclists don tweed apparel and ride around the city to raise funds for Bikes Without Borders. For more on TweedRide TO, click here.

It was wonderful! Hope you can join the ride this year! :)


The Tweed Steed



The Tweed Steed

Foreshadowing for the fall, @TweedRideTO? 


Penny Farthing by Georgie_grrl on Flickr.

From Tweed Ride Toronto 2011.

Here’s a little video of the Tweed Ride, courtesy Xander Labayen of 416cyclestyle!

And here’s an article by Dandyhorse Magazine!

Tweederrific! @TweedRideTO

Starting monday - Put the sartorial sense back in the teachers lounge

Tweederrific! @TweedRideTO


Starting monday - Put the sartorial sense back in the teachers lounge